Céline Exposto

Interior designer for over 10 years. I gained my experience hands-on from a young age alongside my father, an artisan. Little did I know then that a great passion would be born…



I started with a year of PREPA MANAA Applied Arts at CONDE school in Paris 15. This first year allowed me to be convinced of my desire to be an interior designer.


I then joined ESAM Design school in Paris 17 where I obtained my interior design degree. Barely graduated, I ventured into entrepreneurship. “Micro-entreprise”, company, collaborations, I also experienced employment.


I discovered and learned the job thanks to the artisans around me since forever. From a young age, I accompanied my dad to his client meetings and on construction sites. I observed and unknowingly learned the job. I also helped on the administrative side.


It was only natural for me to try out entrepreneurship myself right after obtaining my degree.


My experience as an employee was gained in a construction company. This allowed me to find myself once again on the other side of the fence. On the side of the craftsman, of realization. I learned to better understand their needs and expectations to ensure that projects proceed as smoothly as possible.


I practice this profession with passion. A strong passion that I apply in each of my projects. Designing and realizing my clients’ desires is turning their dreams into reality.